Who doesn't love a good story? Having something to browse through and jog our memories is so valuable, especially as time goes on :)  Our Premium Leather Bound Albums are the tippy top in quality when it comes to archival albums. Bound in leather with 20 pages  (10 double sided pages) of photographic prints, fused to card with  a seamless magazine style finish, it's quite the beautiful product we think!  The retail value of this is $1350 (truly, can do your own comparison) but when you book this alongside our Photography and Videography duo package, you get 50% off. Crazy huh? Thats cost price! Why? - Because your story is worth it :) 

details details :) 

So this is how it works.... When you're ready, you get in touch with us. We then ask you to send us your top 60 images for the album. We design it, and send the pages back to you for approval before going to print. You let us know what cover you'd like and what needs to go on the front. It's then sent off to the album manufacturers and once it's ready it gets delivered to your door. Too easy!

The album is 8x12 inches (which is around an A4 size) and we include the embossing on the front - free of charge. This can be your names, your date, whatever you choose. The total cost is $1350- 50%=  $675 and you can upgrade to a larger size: 11x14 inches for an extra $200. It's pretty big though:) 

Alongside the beautiful leathers we do have a stone coloured linen available as a cover too.

Let us know if you have any questions. We'd love to answer them!